Microsoft Gives Out Grants to 12 Companies to Extend Internet in Remote Areas

Microsoft’s Affordable Access Initiative has awarded grants to 12 companies working to bring affordable Internet access to more than half of the world. As the name suggests that this Affordable Access Initiative is a funding and technology partnership program which is focusing to improve Internet access expansion across the world. Microsoft Gives Out Grants to 12 Companies to Extend Internet in Remote Areas. The grant is giving to countries like Africa, India and rural Maine.

Microsoft Gives Out Grants to 12 Companies to Extend Internet in Remote Areas

According to Microsoft’s estimation, approximately 4.2 billion people, or 57 percent of the world’s population do not have Internet access.

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“With these grants, we’re partnering with local entrepreneurs across five continents, each of whom deeply understand the unique needs of their own communities, and are already delivering hardware, applications, connectivity and power solutions to solve them,”

said Peggy Johnson, executive vice president of Business Development at Microsoft.

“Our partners will receive seed funding, as well as a range of resources, including mentorship and BizSpark tools like free software, services and tech support so they can scale up the great work they are already doing in their communities.”

Microsoft is making grants to small businesses that provide online access, software or related services in places like Africa, India and rural Maine. Microsoft’s grants is averaging about $75,000 in cash and free software that will help local startups provide services tailored to specific communities or regions.

Paul Garnett, director of Microsoft’s Affordable Access Initiative said:

“Local entrepreneurs stand a better chance of understanding local needs, and have the expertise to create new technologies and business models to meet those needs, taking into account local market conditions,”

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