Microsoft Introduces Windows 11 with an Updated UI & Android Support

Yesterday, in a major announcement, the software giant Microsoft unveiled the next version of the company’s desktop operating system, the Windows 11. The updated version has arrived with a number of new updates, such as a redesigned User Interface, updated window management features, along with support for Android apps.

The very first alteration that users will notice is the redesigned taskbar and Start menu. Just like the MacOS Windows 11 has style-centered taskbar icon placement, so leaving behind the classical layouts of all previous Windows installments. Some other items like the clocks and icons are still present. However, the left side of the interface looks pretty empty now.

Microsoft Introduces Windows 11 with an Updated UI & Android Support

The focal point of this updated design is the new Start menu, which is now located right in the middle with an entirely redesigned User Interface. Furthermore, the updated menu has the search bar located at the top, in addition to the pinned applications, and then a wide range of recommended items at the downside. Still, the users can change their user profile and power their PCs off from there.

In addition to that, the company has also updated its Store app for Windows 11. Though it has an updated User Interface that is developed to load and work faster, the main new feature here is the support for Android applications. The already existing android apps will now be available on the Microsoft Store and will run on Windows 11 via a collaboration with Amazon and Intel.

Overall, Windows 11 is a huge update to the Windows operating system. The company didn’t unveil any specific date for its release however it will be a free upgrade to any users currently using the Windows 10 operating system.

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