Microsoft Swiftkey For Android Beta Updated With New Search Options

SwiftKey is one of the best Keyboards for Android that is mostly used and preferred these days. Almost 250 million users have downloaded the app worldwide. SwiftKey has been acquired by Microsoft for an impressive amount. After purchasing, Microsoft improved it by adding support for many of its services. A few weeks back, Microsoft Translator support was added to SwiftKey Keyboard for Android. Now, Microsoft Swiftkey For Android Beta has been updated with new search options.

Microsoft Swiftkey For Android Beta Brings New Search options

The latest update has changed things a little bit. We all know that whenever we need to search anything new, we had to leave the Swiftkey. However, Microsoft has resolved this problem. Now, the latest version of the beta app features a dedicated Bing button. It allows users to search directly from the keyboard without the need to leave the app for searching. Furthermore, it allows you to capture, crop, and send screenshots. You can also share URLs as well.
The most important changes brought are mentioned in the box below:

  • New Arabic Layout introduced
  • Jawi script layout for Malay
  • New Pinyin 12-key layout
  • You can now type in: msa_MY: Malay (Jawi)
The best feature of this best keyboard app is that it uses artificial intelligence. The app is so intelligent that it learns automatically and predicts the next word the user intends to type. It intelligently learns your typing pattern and adapts to it. This keyboard app also comes with a good range of different themes, emoji’s, inbuilt GIF search engine, separate number rows, and is an excellent keyboard for bilingual societies. Not only this, Swiftkey also features auto-correct and gesture typing for faster input. So, if you don’t have the latest version of the App then head to Google Play Store and download the upgraded version to enjoy these eatures.

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