Microsoft Teams Collaborates with Various Apps that Plug into Meetings

Since the pandemic, where the world is accepting remote jobs, Microsoft has also been keeping up the pace by bringing updates in its platforms. Last year, Microsoft teams came up with third-party application integration but now it’s come up with its own collaborative development environment to build applications. The applications build for teams will work across multiple platforms with extra configurations such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS.

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Together Mode for Teams by Microsoft efficiently utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to process the face and other body parts like shoulders. They also segment your and your colleague’s workplace into a single virtual space. Microsoft is also in its final stage to permit third-party apps to get real-time videos and audios from Microsoft Teams. It will give an opportunity to developers to come up with bespoke applications that can easily access Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Collaborates with Various Apps that Plug into Meetings

There are approximately 145 million users of Teams on a daily basis. All have different perspectives, work, and interests. In the future, surely there will be more apps that collaborate with Teams making the workspace and meetings even more reliable. With all these recent innovations, Teams will become developer-friendly. Such steps surely raise the confidence of developers and a great opportunity to work.

We can expect more collaboration and agile development with the idea of plugging in apps to the meeting canvas, allowing access to in-meeting chats, audio streams, and many more. Moreover, for extensive development, Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Code integration will also be provided for the developers.

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