Microsoft to Launch Xbox Series S at $299

Recently, YouTuber Brad Sams posted a photo of the long-rumored Xbox Series S. The series S would be a cheaper and lighter version of the Xbox Series X. The Youtuber also mentioned a price of $299. Just after some hours of the leaks, the Xbox manufacturer, Microsoft confirmed it via a tweet.

Microsoft to Launch Xbox Series S at $299

So for all the Xbox and game lovers, it is mind-blowing news that Series S is real. And the price is set at $299 only. However, the company didn’t render international prices, but that converts to almost £230 or AU$420.

Xbox Series S

According to the tweet, “Next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever.”  An image has also been shared that shows the Series S with a controller for scale. The tweet also promised that more features will be announced soon.

The rumors about an affordable, light, and digital-only version of the Xbox Series X have been propagating for over a year and was called Project Lockhart. After months of attention focused on the Series X and PS 5  and still, we don’t know the price or release date for either of them. The attention was diverted on Project Lockhart by a developer leak in June. Also, in August, leaked packaging for the upcoming Xbox Series X controller showed compatibility with the “Xbox Series S.”

Brad Sams also tweeted a video of comparison shots between the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X. As per the report from Windows Central, both consoles will be released on Nov. 10. However, the “more powerful” Xbox Series X will be available at $499.

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