Microsoft to Roll Out Xbox Series X in November 2020

The tech-giant Microsoft has recently proclaimed the launch of xcloud in sep and now another announcement came according to which the company is preparing to launch its next-generation Xbox Series X console in November 2020.

The company didn’t provide a particular date, but some sources suggest that the first week of November would most probably be the launch time for the Xbox Series X. That could, definitely, slip further into November with the uncertainty around pandemic-related manufacturing.

Microsoft to Roll Out Xbox Series X in November 2020

The November launch date for the Xbox Series X was revealed yesterday as Microsoft and 343 Industries make the tough decision to delay Halo Infinite to 2021. The company had been preparing to roll out the Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite simultaneously this fall.

The absence of Halo Infinite does imply that there’s no big launch title for the Xbox Series X. The company is planning to highlight Xbox Game Pass, accompanied by “more than 50 new games” that would be launch this year with optimizations for Xbox Series X.
According to Microsoft,

More than 40 existing games will also be optimized for Xbox Series X, which can include anything from hardware-accelerated DirectX ray tracing, 120fps frame rates, faster loading times, and Quick Resume support.

Pre-existing compatible games across Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One will also operate on the Xbox Series X r. The fans are desperately waiting to hear exactly when the Xbox Series X will be launched, its price, and when people can begin preordering the next-gen console.

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