Microsoft Windows 10 Gets a New Extraordinary New Feature

According to the new reports that the Microsoft has added an extraordinary new feature to its Windows 10, a latest operating system. This new feature will just blow your mind.

Microsoft has made development in Windows 10, preparing it to be the unique place where programmers can deposit their creations. Soon it will be possible to install applications remotely simply with the access of Microsoft Apps Store.

Microsoft Windows 10 Received a New Feature

In the world of operating systems it is not a new update at all, as this feature is available in Android already with a success. We can install new apps on devices anywhere by accessing the store via the browser.

Microsoft has released this option and is making it available to users slowly. A new option will be appears to pop up in the store and will allow remote apps to be installed. When users choose this option then they should choose that which device to install the app for.

This installation can only be done on those devices where the accounts of users are configured and it is necessary that they must be connected to the Internet connection. This installation takes almost 15 minutes to complete, as reported by some users who have already tested this feature. This feature is active now and is gradually releasing to all users.

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