Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Streaming Won’t Be Functional on Android TV

This week, Microsoft launched “Project xCloud” as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate officially after a few months of testing. Most Android devices are compatible with the cloud streaming service and running it smoothly but unfortunately, Xbox Game Pass is not coming to Android TV anytime soon, confirmed by Microsoft officially.

Microsft also clarified in a tweet regarding this week’s launch that cloud gaming services will not be available on Apple devices due to its restricted policies. In a tweet, the company also mentioned how it supports Android exactly.

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Streaming Won’t Be Functional on Android TV

According to Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass will not be able to support devices that running “modified, alternate, or emulated” versions of Android. That automatically throws out forked versions of Android from the list including Amazon’s Fire OS on Kindle tablets as well as Android TV. Microsoft listed Google’s platform by name along with Chrome OS.

It is also important to note that an Android emulator for computers named BlueStacks will not be able to support Game Pass, confirmed by the company. Furthermore, OxygenOS, OnePlus’ skin over Android will also not support cloud gaming services.

Well, at this point, no one knows whether Microsoft will bring Xbox Game Pass to Android TV in the future or not, as the company didn’t say anything yet. Interestingly, Google’s platform is also not providing support for the company’s own Stadia.

Yesterday, I informed you in my blog post that Microsoft’s xCloud gaming service has gone live in 22 countries. If you want to know about that: Click Here

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