Mikki Murshed feat. Hashim Nawaz’s ‘Spin the Wheel’ Will Make You Jam

He is back with another bop!

Islamabad based musician, Mikki Murshed recruits wordplay extraordinaire Hashim Nawaz and super-producer Block-2 to bring you Spin The Wheel, a danceable new anthem to get you in the mood for your upcoming post-quarantine ragers!

The bop beat is accompanied by a stellar music video directed by the brilliant Khawar Malik. Mikki has performed at the LUX Style Awards and alongside Diplo and a handful of local artists at the Mad Decent Block Party which took place in Islamabad in 2018. His underground hit Kameenay earned him a loyal and dedicated fan base in his hometown while also being featured in the new hit ZEE5 series Churails.

Mikki Murshed feat. Hashim Nawaz’s ‘Spin the Wheel’ Will Make You Jam

Mikki Murshed Returns

When asked about his latest release, Mikki was quite transparent. He said,

‘At a certain point in my life, I didn’t want to collaborate. I wasn’t open to the idea of anyone else having a say in something so close to me. But as I’ve grown as a human being and artist I’ve realized that maybe I can learn a thing or two from my peers and maybe also contribute to their process. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better duo than Hashim and Block-2.’

Hashim Nawaz has become a veteran in the Pakistani hip-hop scene. A versatile rapper known for his cleverness and myriad flows, Hashim contributed the opening verse in one of the biggest songs out of Pakistan this year; the hard-hitting anthem Pindi Aye.

Furthermore, he has rapped for Team Backpack, a US-based rap promotion, and stuck to his hip-hop roots with lyrically intricate tracks such as Third Class Freestyle and Bar Code

Block-2, on the other hand, is making waves in the industry with his unique and versatile sound. Delving into multiples genres, Block-2 is making a name for himself in both the electronic and hip-hop scenes in Pakistan. He has worked with SomeWhatSuper on the track Mahi and previously worked with Mikki on Manzil.

With a team this awesome, you can’t go wrong. Spin the Wheel music video is streaming right now on YouTube for your viewing and bouncing-to-the-beat pleasure. It is also available for purchase and download on all platforms from next week. Get your groove on today and check out the video here:

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