Mindflix will Allow You to Control Netflix while Using your Brain

Netflix is planning to take online streaming to the next level. In this regard a group of engineers have developed a gadget that permits users to scroll and select via brainwaves.

Mindflix will Allow You to Control Netflix while Using your Brain. The gadget named Mindflix, is a modified form of the Muse headband equipped with a motion sensor. That is created to monitor brain activity for meditation reasons. This device will allow you browse the platform’s catalog via mind control.

Mindflix will Allow You to Control Netflix while Using your Brain

However, Muse can’t tell what an individual is thinking about. But it can determine how much activity there is at any given time in your frontal lobe. This proposes that the device would only work for binary options.

It means that with this device users won’t be needing a remote control. Because the process will no more require you to lift your hand or even move a muscle.

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Mindflix is just a concept which was first introduced last January via the company’s Hack Day Winter 2017 event. The idea is based on the Muse headband, which is touted as a technology that can take up the brainwaves of its user. This device is basically made as a tool to learn intervention and “mindfulness.”

Say Goodbye to Your Remote Control, Its Mindflix Time

“The brain sensing headband can elevate your meditation practice by guiding you through real-time audio feedback based on the state of your brain.”

The Muse website said.

“Muse is the first tool in the world that gives you accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain when you meditate.”

It is important to note that the Hack Day event is being praised as a way for the company’s product development team to unwind and conduct fun experiments. Though Hack Day produces some pretty wacky ideas, a number of these inspire actual products.

Here is a short clip of the video released related to Mindflix:

According to the video released by the company, viewers are seen browsing titles by simply moving their head. But still its not sure if Netflix is really going to develop MindFlix or if it is just a high tech joke. Because Netflix hasn’t announced whether they are considering using this device in future or not.

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