MIT Technology Review Presents its Urdu Version

The Information Technology University (ITU) at Arfa Software Technology Park introduced the first-ever Urdu version of MIT Technology Review on Thursday.

Dr Umar Saif, ITU Vice Chancellor and Punjab IT Board Chairman hosted the ceremony and MIT Tech Review (Global) CEO, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Jason Pontin was the chief guest. Entrepreneurship Ventures Inc Chairman and CEO Kenneth P Morse and University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore Vice Chancellor Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid contributed as the guests of honor.

MIT Technology Review Presents its Urdu Version

Jason while talking at the event revealed that his journal confronted various problems in many countries when it was issued in English language only, “but when local language was included, success followed.”

He said:

“Whenever I visited Pakistan, I realized that there was a lack of realism, authentic research and technology based content that could provide guidance to the local technologists, academia, researchers and scientists. I dreamt to publish my journal from here and found Dr Umar Saif, who fulfilled that dream. The local language will enhance its readership and will also create a global flare among them.”

Jason also informed that the aim of launching MIT Tech Review was to generate a new tech generation in Pakistan, which would be aware of what is happening around the world in technology and innovation.

Dr Umar Saif said that the pseudo-science glamorization became the main reason behind introducing the MIT Tech Review from Pakistan is to give reliable and trustworthy information on science and technology.

He also said:

“We need to glamorise entrepreneurship, innovation and research in the country, and that is one strong reason we started Tech Review, it will talk about actual science.”

Dr Saif further added that the provincial government was launching a project with a capital worth Rs 30 billion within the next three months to support startups.

Ken Morse said:

“We need to be infected with entrepreneurship virus to gain success. If you have a lot up startups, it’s logical to have a lot of failures.”

Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid praised Dr Umar Saif’s hard work on introducing Urdu version of global MIT Tech Review from Pakistan. The distinguished guests were given souvenirs by Dr Umar Saif who specifically came from the USA. MIT Technology Review derives its authority from the world’s foremost technology institution, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and leads global exchanges regarding technology that matters with unsatisfactory access to the world’s pre-eminent trendsetters.

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