Mobile Games Generates Over 25% More Revenue than PC Gaming in 2016: Report

Playing games has always been fun. But with the passage of time the era of gaming has changed. PC games and Mobile games are two different things. Both aim at a different audience. With each passing day mobile gaming is gaining momentum.

PC gaming is focused on serious and mature gaming audience who wants advanced graphics for most of their games. Whereas Mobile gaming concentrates on casual gaming where people mostly play a game or two or according to their comfort.

Mobile Games Generates over 25% More Revenue than PC Gaming in 2016: Report

In 2014, mobile gaming apps beat out both home game consoles and PC and Mac gaming for consumer spend. Market analyst firms, IDC and App Annie revealed in their recent report that mobile gaming revenue was 25% higher than the income generated by PC and Mac gaming in 2016.

“2016 was the best year yet for mobile games, with consumers spending nearly 25% more than the year prior.”

Said Danielle Levitas, SVP of Research at App Annie.

“The breakout success of Pokémon GO propelled mobile games further ahead of consoles, PC/Mac, and handheld consoles. As augmented and virtual reality technologies continue to emerge, we expect mobile will remain the largest revenue-generating platform for games.”

Image Source: App Annie & IDC

The report further added that China and Japan were the two major markets that drove the growth of mobile games. Asia accounted for over 60% of gaming revenue in 2016.

Following is the list of games that generated revenue in 2016:

  • Fantasy Westward Journey was the highest grossing game on iOS
  • Monster Strike won the title for Google Play
  • Top grossing game for handheld gaming console went to Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for Nintendo 3DS
  • Pokemon GO came third in terms of total game spend in Google Play and iOS platforms

With the popularity of games we expect to witness greater application of AR and VR in the near future.

Almost 80% of the young people played mobile AR games for more than five hours a week in Q3 2016. On the other hand Mobile VR, is still in its initial stages of adoption. So lets see when we get to witness mobile VR formally go mainstream.

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