Mobile Phone Effects On Children

There is no doubting the benefits of the mobile phone. Ease of communication, the anywhere, anytime contact – with friends, relations, colleagues and in theory at least the efficiency brought to busy lives. The benefits have been sold to us worldwide by the mobile phone industry, and in the main we have made the judgment that, yes, the mobile phone is an exceptionally useful tool that advances personal communication beyond all our expectations we had  a few years ago.

Technological advancement that provides such dramatic benefits also has consequential costs and in this case, teenage mobile usage is the area of concern.

The mobile addictive behavior has become very common related and is a worrying signs of dependency on mobile phones. The mobile phone is considered an accessory by many but could be more appropriately described as a ‘comfort blanket’.

But majority of parents are worried about the negative issue because when the mobile phone becomes not just an essential item for communication but instead something that takes control of a child’s life.

Many parents complain that their children are no longer spending time with the family and are often busy in texting or calls even in the early hours of the morning. Their grades co-curricular activities also suffer.

Despite the disadvantages mobile phones play a significant role in our everyday life, therefore their importance and benefits cannot be denied either.

Getting a phone call or a text message when a person is in need implies an importance, ‘somebody wants me’. It boosts the receivers self esteem and self worth and enhances their self confidence. Mobile phone does not just create social networking or bonding with friends but it also provide symbol of acceptance.

  • Communication:

The most obvious benefit of cell phones for youth is their ability to help teens communicate although this can also be considered as a disadvantage. A teenager who owns a cell phone is always able to call his parents.

  • Safety:

For a teenager, having a cell phone available in emergency situations can make the difference of life and death.

  • Engagement:

In places where youth are less likely to have access to the Internet or landline phones, cell phones are becoming a way for them to connect with the global world and give their opinions on issues that affect them.

  • Education:

Educators can also teach students how to use their phones as research tools, which encourages youth to take more initiative in their own learning.

In order to cope up with all these issues parents should consider concerns of their children and guide them that mobile phone is necessity not a source of entertainment for that sake parents tell their children,

  • When to use cell phone and for what purpose.
  • keep check that how much money are used  on mobile phone by children,
  • who to give your phone number
  •  only to reply people you know

another technology blessing to cope up with this problem is to use simple phones having option to just receive and make call not having any other option to text, or any other feature which waste their time and drag them to other activities.

Best example is :

John’s Phone “The world’s simplest cellphone”.no fancy color touch screen display; no camera; no 3G radio, WiFi, Bluetooth or even GPRS data; no FM radio; no user-accessible storage; and no music player or apps of any kind. It can’t even send a text message. It’s just a quad-band GSM phone with an ink pen and paper notepad tucked neatly into its capacious recesses.

It will help to solve above mentioned problems, because children cannot miss use this phone.



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