Mobile Phone Services to Block in Islamabad on September 6

The Interior Ministry on Wednesday has decided to block mobile phone services in the Federal capital on the occasion of Defense Day.

Cellular services not only in Islamabad but also in the nearby areas of Rawalpindi will be suspended due to security problems, throughout the special Airshow Parade by Pakistan AirForce (PAF).

Mobile Phone Services to Block in Islamabad on September 6

Mobile phone services of all telecom operators will be suspended on September 6, 2015, from 11 AM in the morning. At the end of the ceremony it is believed that signals will be restored at 2 PM.

The cellular services are to be terminated on September 6 due to security reasons. In order to help Law Enforcement Agencies to improve the security situation and to avoid any unpleasant incident in the twin cities mobile services will be closed. Security measures have been approved to be applied in twin cities for scheduled 6th September Airshow parade in federal capital to deal with any unwanted situation. The security arrangements of surrounding area of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have also been made.

The services are also likely to be suspended during the rehearsals for the parade just like it happened at the Pakistan Day Parade and Pakistan Resolution Day.

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