Mobile Phones Taxes in Pakistan: PTA Tax Calculator

Find the approximate taxes / duties to pay for a phone that you want to Import - PTA Mobile Phone Taxes Calculator

If you are planning to “import” a phone or bring along a mobile device into Pakistan, you’d have to pay PTA taxes for it to work in Pakistan. Whether a feature phone or a smartphone/tablet!

We are the first and the only authentic website in Pakistan that offers 100% accurate PTA Taxes on all smartphones since 2018. Below you’ll find our PTA Tax Calculator that will help you find taxes on all smartphone brands.

Mobile Phone Taxes in Pakistan – PTA Tax Calculator

Choose your Brand > Select Your Model > You’ll get the approximate tax payable.


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PTA Taxes Portal

Find PTA Taxes on All Phones on a Single Page using the PhoneWorld PTA Taxes Portal

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Unable to find your Model Above?

Use the calculator below by putting in the Value of your Mobile Device in USD $ and Pressing Calculate!


Based on the USD figures that you put in the bar above you’ll know the exact PTA mobile phone taxes that you’ll have to pay in Pakistan.

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How does the table above calculate taxes?

The following calculations have been updated quite a lot recently, so please use the calculator or the table above to find the PTA tax on your specific imported smartphone.

For every cell phone, these are the various taxes that you will be liable to pay if you are importing a phone through Ali Express or any eCommerce website online.

1. Regulatory Duty (Based on phone prices in USD)

  • If $1 to $30 = PKR 180
  • If $30 to $100 = PKR 1800
  • If $100 to $200 = PKR 2700
  • If $200 to $350 = PKR 3600
  • If $350 to $500 = PKR 10500
  • If $500+ = PKR 18500

2. Sales Tax (Based on phone prices in USD)

  • If $1 to $30 = PKR 150
  • If $30 to $100 = PKR 1470
  • If $100 to $200 = PKR 1870
  • If $200 to $350 = PKR 1930
  • If $350 to $500 = PKR 6000
  • If $500+ = PKR 10300

3. WHT – Withholding Tax

  • If $1 to $30 = PKR 70
  • If $30 to $100 = PKR xx
  • If $100 to $200 = PKR 930
  • If $200 to $350 = PKR 970
  • If $350 to $500 = PKR 3000
  • If $500+ = PKR 5200

4. IT Duty = 9%

5. Mobile Levy (based on phone prices in PKR)

if cell phone value is PKR 10,000 to 40,000 = mobile levy will be PKR 1000

If PKR 40,000 to 80,000 = PKR 3000

If Over PKR 80,000 = PKR 5000

6. Provincial Tax = 0.9%

Add the above values aren’t valid anymore, as the formula through which FBR along with PTA determines the taxes now isn’t cracked yet, once we do, we’ll let you know as well.

Want us to find the applicable tax on a smartphone that is missing in the PTA Tax calculator above?

Simply, comment below the name of the smartphone along with the model number (MUST!), and we’ll let you know the tax that you’ll be liable to pay for that smartphone. We’ll also add it to the calculated taxes table above.

If you are looking for updated prices of mobile phones in Pakistan, head over to PhoneWorld’s Mobile Prices portal to find the prices of the latest devices.

Hope you found out the excise duty for the mobile phone you plan to import. We know these rates are high and we think the government should take appropriate steps to minimize these taxes soon.

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PTA Taxes Portal

Find PTA Taxes on All Phones on a Single Page using the PhoneWorld PTA Taxes Portal

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    1. Thank you for your feedback. We’ll update the list. As for now, the payable PTA tax amount on LG G6 is:
      Tax on Passport: PKR 33,000/-
      Tax on CNIC: PKR 36,000/-


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