Mobilink merges entire portfolio into Single brand

Mobilink merges entire portfolio into Single brand

Mobilink consolidates entire portfolio into single flagship brand – Jazz, Jazba and Indigo brands absorbed into Mobilink

Mobilink has taken brand thought leadership in Pakistan by simplifying and consolidating its brands portfolio, moving from a family of brands into one flagship brand. The iconic Jazz, Jazba and Indigo brands have been absorbed into Mobilink, with the prepaid and postpaid portfolios reflecting the Mobilink parent branding.

As part of this rebranding exercise, Mobilink has incorporated a new vision of ‘Being One’ with a commitment to providing customers the best user experience for ‘a better every day.’ Mobilink’s corporate tagline has also been changed to ‘Har Dil, Har Din’, which communicates the organization’s initiative to develop a brand that is full of heart and promise.

[blockquote cite=”Rashid Khan, President & CEO, Mobilink”] Mobilink’s success over the last two decades has been built on pillars of leadership, innovation, teamwork and positivity. Today, we cater to a demographically younger audience in an increasingly cluttered marketplace, which made it necessary to migrate from complexity to simplicity. Our new vision of ‘Being One’ is an accurate reflection of our continued focus on being the market leader in everything that we do. The launch of the new brand is also Mobilink’s recommitment to excellence in our Corporate Responsibilities, be it to our business, customers, employees or the communities in which we operate.

As a result of the rebranding, Mobilink’s iconic Jazz, Jazba and Indigo brands have been absorbed into Mobilink. The prepaid and postpaid portfolios continue to exist, with Mobilink’s entire services portfolio remaining the same as before. Mobilink will also continue to capitalize on the Jazz brand equity on some retail assets in order to avoid any confusion in the minds of consumers. However, this is a transition phase and the dependence on the Jazz brand equity, and its presence, will gradually fade away.

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  • Mobilink’s visual expression is communicated through a system of core elements (‘logo’ and ‘links’) that come together to create a distinctive, vibrant and dynamic look and feel.
  • The spherical shape of the logo communicates Mobilink’s leadership by representing its global view. Innovation is captured through the dynamic, continuous motion of the curves. Transparency and the collective spirit of the organization is reflected through the openness of the form which is all inclusive.
  • Mobilink’s heritage also continues as the new form is inspired by the original Mobilink Orb and depicts the letter M in its static state. The color red, so synonymous with JAZZ has been carried forward to add continuity to the transition. However, Mobilink has not let go of indigo entirely, and it will be the preferred secondary color for Mobilink Business for an audience already engaged with Mobilink’s postpaid brand.
  • The ‘Links’ build on the energy of the logo and its connecting motion. They activate and connect people to each other and to the wider world. It also builds on the meaning of the company name. Each link is another step forward, another leap towards something better, and reflects Mobilink’s goal of constant innovation. Each link connects people to family, friends, and business opportunities — but, most importantly, provides a link to a better future so that everyone can enjoy a better every day.
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