Momo Challenge: Seven Ways to keep your Child Safe


Another Horrific game has flooded the WhatsApp like a storm. Just like Blue Whale, Momo Challenge on WhatsApp has taken hundreds of lives in different countries. Authorities in multiple countries have warned parents of a disturbing challenge called Momo on WhatsApp. In fact,  Federal Information Technology (IT) Minister Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui banned a suicidal video game Momo challenge in Pakistan.


Just recently, we have come to know that Momo Challange for WhatsApp has reappeared and parents are very worried about it.

How to save your Baby from Momo Challange

National online safety has issued seven useful tips to help parents protect their children from momo challenge.

  • Tell them it isn’t real:

Its important for you to reiterate to your child that momo is not a real person and cannot directly harm them.

  • Be Present

Where possible be present, while your children are online to give you a greater understanding of what they are doing.

  • Talk regularly:

This will encourage your child to feel confident to discuss issues and concerns they may have related to the online world

  • Parental Control:

Ensure that you set up parental controls for your device at home. Also, turn off suggested Autoplay on Youtube

  • Peer Pressure:

Make sure you talk to your child that how they shouldn’t succumb to peer pressure and do anything they are not comfortable with, online or offline.

  • Real or Hoax:

Now everything you see is real. Check the validity of the source and be mindful of what you share as it may only cause you more worry.

  • Report or block:

Flag and report any material you deem to be inappropriate or harmful as soon as you come across it.

Social media has come as a blessing for many people like every other thing it has some advantages and disadvantages. Social media platforms are influencing every aspect of our lives and affecting our routine lives and behaviours in many ways. People don’t even realize how much time they are devoting to social media platforms. This unregulated social media use exerts an adverse effect on our spending habits as well. Social media users are spending way more than their budgets and they even don’t know how to manage it. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, we use these social media platforms on daily basis. These social media platforms are getting popularity all over the world as they are designed to facilitate users in creating and sharing content with their friends. However, these are not the only apps youth are using nowadays. There are some dangerous apps too and people are so much addicted to them. SO it is peak time parents should wake up and take action.





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