Morpheus: The Secure and Revolutionary CPU Will be Launched Soon

Are you still living in the world of fantasy and imagination? Well, you better come to reality now. Our traditional x86 microprocessors were a big success but the world is improving further by creating an even better CPU namely, Morpheus CPU. It passed the test of being attacked by around 600 experts by multiple code injections and hacking techniques. Even after spending 13000 hours in total the experts failed to corrupt it. Morpheus surely is something. Its shape-shifting technology remarkably stood out.

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Morpheus: The Most Secure CPU Ever Made

Morpheus is made under a project funded by DARPA. According to Todd Austin from the University of Michigan, ‘People are writing codes all the time. Every time a new code comes up, there are new bugs too. With Morpheus, if the hacker gets to the code, it will not be exploited. It is because the necessary information vanishes like magic, within 50 milliseconds, it is gone. I believe, Morpheus is the closest to what we call full-proof security in the near future.’

The CPU works on the principle of encryption of memory pointers every 100 milliseconds, thus times out the window for a foreign attack every time. In simpler words, it works as if you create a vaccine and every time you try to test it out on the virus, it has changed its viral properties. Thus, it no longer remains what you prepared for it. This is really very interesting and unpredictable. The launch of Morpheus has not been announced yet but we are expecting the digital revolution to be here very soon.

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