Pakistan is the World’s Most Affordable Country in ICT and Telecom Sector: WEF

According to Global Information Technology Report 2016 (GITR), Pakistan is the World’s Most Affordable Country in ICT and Telecom Sector. GITR is the annual report published by World Economic Forum (WEF). According to that report, Pakistan’s technology and telecom market has the lowest price points as compared to other markets across the world.

Pakistan is the World’s Most Affordable Country in ICT and Telecom Sector

Report said that these affordability indicators are measured in terms of usage of ICT services along with prices. However, WEF analyze the relevant indexes of about 139 global markets and then compared with each other. Moreover, These countries are rated in term of financial conditions, ICT usage and general environment and economical and social impact.

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Basically, the report consists of three different rating levels. These levels are Indexes, Subindexes and Pillars. All the countries ranked at the fundamental rating level of Pillars. Then, the combination of Different pillars make subindexes. At the end, these subindexes combine togather to form index. As example of it is “Networked Readiness Index“.

Among the other indicators these are the ranking of Pakistan:

  • Over All Network Readiness Index 2016 Ranking: 110
  • Political and Regulatory Environment: 128
  • Business and Innovation Environment: 98
  • Infrastructure: 126
  • Affordability: 1
  • Skills: 127
  • Individual Usage: 123
  • Business Usage: 101
  • Government Usage: 103
  • Economic Impacts: 105
  • Social Impacts: 106

Last year Pakistan was at 112th position at Over All Network Readiness Index. It means Pakistan improved its position by 2 ranks in Network Readiness Index. But still Pakistan is at lower position in other Pillars.

Pakistan ranked Significantly low in other pillars such as “Political and Regulatory Environment”, “Skills” and “Infrastructure“. In all these pillars Pakistan is at 128th, 127th, and 126th position respectively. Moreover, Pakistan is also at 123rd position at Individual usage. Due to which Pakistan was no able to make its position in top 100.

Most Affordable Country in ICT and Telecom Sector

Most Affordable Country in ICT and Telecom SectorMost Affordable Country in ICT and Telecom Sector


You can also Download the Original Report From Here

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