World’s Most Popular Operating System, Android or Window? Check Out Here

So, what do you think which is the World’s Most Popular Operating System, Android or Window? As the world is seeing significant growth in the mobile phone shipments. People are using mobile phones more as compared to desktop computers. However, there are many operating systems for smartphones, like, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux etc. According to a web analytics service, StatCounter, People are more using Android Operating System.

World’s Most Popular Operating System, Android or Window? Check Out Here

According to StatCounter, Android has 37.93% market share and win the race among other operating systems. Windows Operating system is at second place having 37.91% market share. However, Mac operating system are far away from this figure.

World's Most Popular Operating System
Source: StatCounter

However, Windows are still the most popular operating system for desktop users. Anyhow, Android has 71.5% share in the world of mobile. As the trend of using mobile phone is increasing very rapidly which gives a plus point to Android operating system. As people more prefer to use Android phones as compared to iOS.

  • Windows 7 is the most popular operating system for desktop and laptop computers.
  • Android is the most popular smartphone operating system.
  • iOS is the most popular tablet operating system.
  • Variants of Linux are most widely used in the internet of things and smart devices.
  • Other variants of Linux are the most popular operating system on other web servers and supercomputers.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), phone companies shipped a total of 347.4 million smartphones worldwide in the first quarter of 2017. As compared to last year report, there is 4.3% increase in Worldwide Smartphone Shipments. As always, Samsung and Apple maintained their leadership in the smartphone market this year too.

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  • After extensive use of both Windows and Android system on mobiles i can say that there are some big benefits of using Windows over Android which 99.9% of Android users do not know about. First of all Windows Mobile is a part of Windows Ecosystem. As soon as you get sms message in your mobile, you get the same message alert on all of yours windows devices. You can reply right from your desktop without even unlocking your phone. Perfect for office workers. Secondly, Windows Phone keyboard is world best. It hardly makes any mistake, typing is smooth, word prediction is almost 100% accurate unlike Androids, spell correction is perfect. Its all because of Microsoft extensive experience in word editing software MS Office for more than 20 years. MS Office is pre-installed including MS Outlook which gives just desktop like experience (recent email at the top). Whereas gmail app shows emails in groups, which is really confusing and not at all recommended for official use. People hub in Windows Phone is a great experience. Here you can create groups of unlimited people for email and sms. Just select the group in outlook and send email to all. Similarly just select the group and send sms to all. This cannot be done in Android. Facebook is integrated in Peoples hub. There is no such thing present in Android. Taking screen shot is easy however, recent Samsung phones are using the same technique. Glance screen feature of WP introduced in 2014 is not added in Samsung phones too as Always on Display. However, in WP we can see schedule updates on glace screen which is unavailable in Android. Many revolutionary apps like MSN Health, Food, Travel are disabled on WP. MSN Health app contained digital symptom checker which accurately identifies medical issues and suggest treatment. With MSN Travel app we could check flight information for all airports. All free. Microsoft put saw on their own feet by disabling such great apps. Lastly, there is no comparison between Cortana with any other digital assistant. Cortana (Microsoft) is fully integrated into almost all apps of WP. Lets say you get an sms with invitation for dinner, you press the date or time and WP will quickly add a reminder for you. I am not saying that Android is not good, it has its charm too. Social media operation on Android rocks. Speed is amazing. But it lacks performance and fluidity in basic operations like calling, searching contacts, sms, reminder setting, emailing, typing etc.

  • Those stats are from March 2017 !

    For June 2017, the numbers are
    Android: 40.26%
    Windows: 36.02%

  • The big thing is the trend. Windows sales have declined for 10 years now and at the lowest level in a decade as Android continues to enjoy strong growth.

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