Most Valuable Public Company in the World- Apple, Amazon or Microsoft?

Microsoft is the Most Valuable Public Company in the World

For most of 2018, there was a two-way battle between Apple and Amazon to see which of the two would be the first U.S. publicly traded company to be worth one trillion dollars. Back in October, the most valuable company was Apple by topping the chart with over $1 trillion in value. Microfost becomes the second most valuable Public company dropping Amazon. Microsoft was at the second position valued at $823 billion. The Amazon was at the $805 billion market value.

Then from its peak, Apple’s shares have dropped 32%. As trading concluded for the year, Apple is valued at $748.5 billion. On the other hand, Amazon’s shares also dropped 27% and the company is now valued at $734 billion. Both companies leave space for Microsoft. Microsoft’s shares finished 2018 valued at $780 billion.

Microsoft is the Most Valuable Public Company in the World

The reason behind this success is that Microsoft has launched its Surface Go tablet, and the Surface Pro 6 tablet. Although, the company has not launched any smartphone this year. But still, the company managed to gain the first place as the most valuable public company in the world.

Microsoft is continuously improving its services. Previously, Microsoft Announced New Visual Search Features for Bing on Android and iOS. For those who don’t know the Visual Search Features for Bing, the feature allows Bing users to search, shop and learn more about the world through the photos they take or image they see. Now Microsoft is adding more functionalities into it. These new features will include Text Transcription, improvements to the Visual Search dialog box, as well as Math Solver.

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