Motorola Announces Cheapest Moto Mod, Moto Folio

Motorola has just unveiled the cheapest Moto mod. It has a pocket for a credit card inside, and a magnetic closure on the front. Motorola Announces Cheapest Moto Mod, Moto Folio. Moto Folio will cost only $11.24 and hence cheapest Moto mod ever.

Motorola Announces Cheapest Moto Mod, Moto Folio

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Basically, the Moto Folio is nothing more than a protective case with an inner pocket for a card. However, this is part of the Moto Mod family because it attaches to your Moto Z via the phone’s rear magnetic connectors – just like any other Moto Mod.

The Moto Folio is compatible with all current Moto Z smartphone models, new or old. Moreover, the mod is available in three color variants: Super Black, Grape Juice, and Fine Gold. If you want to buy it, you can find the Moto Folio only at Motorola’s official website.

At CES 2018, the company has also unveiled New Health and Keyboard Moto Mods. Two new Moto Mods were introduced — one made by Lenovo and one by Livermorium.

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