Moxie the Friendly Robot

With the Pandemic at its peak the new normal is defined as schools off, local parks and amusement parks closed. Activities such like cycling, swimming and camping have been affected in an adverse manner as the fear of spread of Covid-19 persists. As people have been confined to their homes with adherence to the precautionary measures advised by the government. Isolation and social distancing has impacted the social, physical and educational activities of children, especially those with no siblings. Moxie is a friendly robot made specifically for kids to play with, developed by Embodied, a company co-founded by former iRobot CTO Paolo Pirjanian.

moxie the friendly robot

For the period of last few years, many studies have shown that screen time and social media is causing a lot of anxiety and stress for every child. With the increased screen time children’s social interaction, sharing habits and dealing with their age mates has deteriorated. Moxie, being a talker asking about how the day went, follows every word of the response with its eyes. Its intelligent responses to statements like going to park, having an apple etc. makes the conversations so natural and real like. It certainly gives a normal sane human child interaction, play some games or read alongside it. Unlike most bots, it’s not just a glorified household appliance. It learns to recognize a child’s face and particular learning needs. In many ways, Moxie brings kids one step closer to having a robot friend. Children can benefit improving their social emotional skills.

But even without society grinding to a halt, Moxie being the sort of thing that will help many to feel less anxious as a kid, giving kids a bit more confidence when talking to other kids. The developers also claim Moxie to be helpful with neuro-divergent children, but from the start Embodied also focused on making it a universal friend for all. Another plus point is, with its app parents can keep track of Moxie’s activities, learning and progress. But the only downside at the moment is its price. Will the parents be willing to pay $1,500 and further $40 to $60 monthly for subscription and updates?

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