Mozilla Releases its Latest Version Firefox 35.0

Mozilla, full-featured Web browser has recently released the latest version of its Firefox browser i.e. Firefox 35.0. Firefox 35.0 is a latest update for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. The present desktop users of Firefox browser will automatically be able to upgrade to Firefox 35.0. No need to be done installing or some extra work desktop users will easily get the upgrade and it would be installed easily.

Mozilla Releases its Latest Version – Firefox 35.0 For Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

[notice]Here are some of the Features of Firefox 35.0 take a look[/notice] [list style=”list6″ color=”orange”]
  • Room-based Firefox Hello conversations
  • An integrated support for playback of H.264 (MP4 files)
  • New built-in APIs
  • Integration with the Android download manager
  • HTTP Public Key Pinning Extensions
  • EXT_blend_minmax WebGL extension
  • Support for checking ‘Before After’ pseudo elements (for developers)
  • Ability to share mobile device Wi-Fi and cellular signals

If you want to download then click on the link below and install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. Its free for the users so no need to panic its available for users free just click and install the latest version.


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