Muavin App Helps Pakistani Women to Fight Against Online Harassment 

MMFD & Code For Pakistan Launched Muavin App Helps Pakistani Women to Fight Against Online Harassment. Muavin help women and minorities facing online harassment. This application was launched on Wednesday.

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This App is available on Android devices. The beta version of Muavin is available on the Google Play Store. Muavin will explore community based solutions to online harassment. Online Harassment include sexual harassment, incitement to violence and hate speech.

Muavin App Helps Pakistani Women to Fight Against Online Harassment

This application creates group on Facebook and Twitter network. These groups will be alerted in case of Harassment and abuse on internet. Data is not stored on the app’s server. It mechanism is same as any other application integrating with Facebook contacts.

Omar Khan, one of the app developers from Code for Pakistan, said:

“Muavin essentially aims to create a community that is well aware of the issue of online harassment and is able to band to challenge online trolls and abusers.”

FIA revealed that more than 3000 cyber crime cases were reported in 2014-15 out of which 45 cases were associated with women harassment of women.

A representative from MMFD said:

This is hopefully going to change because users will be able to document incidents of violence and report it to their online community

Women online harassment is very common now a days in Pakistan and such problem need to be discussed. Instances of online abuse and harassment and targeting communities should be addressed. This program is initiated to make women confident in circumstances where they feel uneasy due to defaulters.

Women Safety is considered priority in Pakistan. For this reason few month back Punjab Government launched “Women Safety” App. By using this App women can report any harassment or bullying they experience specially at public places.

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