Muja Kyun Nikala-Is Jazz Sugar Coated employee Lay-off Story Justified?

A large number of employees have been rendered jobless as Jazz announced cutting off around 200 employees to become a ‘leaner” organization.

Amir Ibrahim, the CEO of Jazz emphasized on how the company is continuously striving to become a modern and digital organization in order to provide best services to its customers which as a speech seems impressive but strangely does not justify or connect all this to laying off 200 employees. Most of the souls being laid off do not understand the reason of being asked to leave if the company, as per the leadership, is going places.

Jazz employees Shown the Exit Doors are Clueless & Enraged of the Sudden Decision

Here is an announcement from Aamir Ibrahim:

Is Jazz Version a truthful depiction?

For sure, the operator is trying to provide its customers with the best however for the last few months it has not introduced any new service or any special offer. A source from the organisation, requesting anonymity, has revealed that the terminations letters were sent at home when employees were in office, In their view, the announcement of laying off employees is unjustified and do not provide any excuse of providing better services to the customers. In-fact for providing better and quick services to the customers, the company should have employed more resources. There is no direct relationship of laying off employee and providing better services to the customers as employees and services of a company are directly proportional.

While, this fact cannot be denied that Jazz is not in its best times these days as there has been constant decrease in its 3G subscriber base over the last 6 month period and a very nominal increase in its 4G LTE subscribers that will eventually impact its market dominant position. However, this huge lays-offs will definitely worsen the already weakening position of Jazz.

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