Multi Device Support will use End-to-End Encryption: WhatsApp

The popular messaging platform WhatsApp has gained immense popularity because of rendering the end to end encryption. The company has been working on a new service that will allow users to use WhatsApp account on multiple devices simultaneously. Recently, the details regarding the security of multi-device support have appeared in a new beta version.

Multi-Device Support will use End-to-End Encryption: WhatsApp

The multi-device support or the ability to use WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously has been launched in the beta version of the app. Amid the new update, a number of users are now asking if the conversations that will take place between these multiple devices are readable by third parties or more simply, will the company provide end-to-end encryption. According to the WABetainfo, the details offered in WhatsApp Beta version shows that Whatsapp will provide the end to end encryption.

The WABetainfo has shared a screenshot that shows the interface that you will be able to see if you have just turned on multiple devices. So WhatsApp has indicated that end-to-end encryption will be available for personal chats along with multiple device support.

By end-to-end encryption, we mean that the communication that is taking place between two devices is encrypted. To see the messages, you must have a key available only to you and your chat partner. It also implies that even WhatsApp itself or the security services cannot simply access messages or conversations.7777

It was also clarified that the users can pair up to four different devices using their personal account, however, you cannot use the same WhatsApp account on another smartphone.

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