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e-Books are probably more practical and convenient to use but there’s nothing like reading an actual paper book

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With the advancement in technology, everything has dramatically changed. The latest gadgets have not only changed how people do things but it has also have transformed how they think. An interesting thing about the emergence of new technology is that after its arrival, it always starts a debate about what will happen to the outdated products
Ever since Amazon introduced Kindle e-reader six years ago, a great deal of discussion has been going on that whether paper will replace e-books.
In a society where technology advanced is at its peak and almost every individual possess a laptop, tablet, a smartphone or all, it is easy to see the appeal of e-books over traditional print books. The production cost of e-book is considerably less with greater accessibility, environmental friendly as it saves paper and with e-books, we cannot need light so it’s more practical, accessible than printed books.
More than half a decade into the revolution of e-book and despite the prediction made by pundits, the prospect for traditional books is still looking bright.

Although some people believe that e-books are more convenient and practical to use however, some also insist that there is nothing inherently virtuous or better about print itself but rather about the memories and sensations that are pinned to it, besides reading is not just about practicality, it’s a whole new experience.

Even though adopting e-books has its own advantages, but I think it can never replace reading paper textbooks entirely.

There are things that cannot be easily replaced.  Humans will always have an affinity for physical property and a digital version of your favorite story just doesn’t satisfy the same needs that bonds a reader to the story. There are so many other thing associated with a paper book that increase the enjoyable experience of the reader that include visiting the bookstore, collecting books on a shelf, writing all over the pages, folding the page corners, the mystery surrounding a beaten-up used book, trading with your friends, the smell of a new book versus a musky old book.

As a tech- geek, I appreciate any new piece of everyday technology that makes life a little closer to the hyper-futuristic era and although E-books are a perfect combination of sleek gadgetry and a well written book to satisfy both book fan and tech fan with in me but still, I will always pick a real paperback novel over a digital version.Paper books have a soul and e-books clearly lack that, only a person having true enthusiasm for reading can understand that.

People who call themselves practical and up-to-date with the new trends will call these arguments sentimental and unrealistic. Reading, in general is a pleasurable activity and pleasure doesn’t rely on practicality or realism but still I can state many facts to prove that paper books are indeed better and e-books can never completely replace them.

People say that e-books are environmental friendly but that’s not entirely the case. E-books do save paper but it still requires battery and where does that comes from?Electricity, and we get electricity from water, coal or other non-renewable resources. If trees are being saved by destroying some other aspect of nature, it hardly means anything.

Spending more time on computer/smartphone screen may cause health problems as well. If paper books are replaced by e-books entirely, readers will spend more time on e-books not only will it easily exhaust their eyes, but it will cause many eye problems like short-sightedness and even cataract. Besides, the adoption of e-books is very distracting.
There are so many things that can be done using the computers and smartphones for example, surfing the internet and playing online games that it becomes quite difficult to concentrate and connect with the book.
This is the biggest disadvantage for the students who have to do lot of work in a limited time-frame.

Paper books have provenance and physical beauty, having a hardcore book on the shelf is like having an artistic painting on the wall. People who argue that books are merely objects that take up space should consider for a moment that everything else is also nothing more than objects taking up space, even your kids and yourself.

e-books, in reality offer a wholly different experience, thus cannot be considered as a better format for reading replacing the inferior one.
 A face to face meeting with your best friends cannot be replaced with webcam and skype chat, in the same way, an e-book can never substitute a good paper book.  
Digital channels including e-books, have their own uses but sometimes practicality and utility is not everything. I love reading, no matter how I do it, but I truly believe in the everlasting existence of physical paper books.

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