My Status Service by Warid

My status Service is launched my Warid. Its first of its kind of service introduced by any Telecommunication Company in Pakistan. This is very unique service which lets u to update your status.

With the help of My Status Service (Warid), Users can inform their Friends/Family/Colleagues of what they are doing and what are they up to even before they pick up their call.

My Status is a service where a customer can set his/her status, which will displays into the calling person’s number in a real-time Flash SMS. This service will help customers to set their status and to get into touch with their friends/family.

How to Activate:

• Write “ON” and send it to 6661.
• After receiving a confirmation SMS, Reply with ‘Set Gen Your Status’,
• To set new or replace existing General Status.
• Write “Set Gen I am in a meeting” and send to 6662
• Set Caller : To set an individual status for the caller number. Example: ‘Set Caller 923211234567 See you at Cinestar at 5pm. Please don’t forget to bring your 3D glasses’ and send to 6662
• Add : Allows you to create a group and add numbers to it; this will allow you to set status for a particular group. Example: ‘Add Family923211234567’ and send to 6662
• Set : Allows you to set status for a particular group. Example: ‘Set Family I am on vacations’ and send to 6662
• OFF: Will deactivate your subscription & remove all your configured groups or caller status(es)

(Once the status is set, your contacts will start receiving Flash SMS anytime they call you)


• For prepaid subscribers : Weekly subscription of PKR 1.99+tax with automatic renewal.
• For postpaid subscribers: Monthly subscription of PKR 29.99+tax.

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