Mysterious Twitter Notifications are Annoying People

It seems like a developer from Twitter has pressed a wrong key. Smartphones around the globe were flooded with mysterious Twitter notifications in which the random series of letter and numbers were seen.

These Cryptic Twitter Notifications are received by people

The funniest thing is that even the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey witnessed the same problem.

Is “2e1f6171d05a409e9531a2b139d69928: 14” an error, or a much more valuable clue? It’s still unclear, but before long, the Twittersphere was full of questions.

Here’s how people reacted to it:

On this Twitter Responded and told that the problem is fied:

However, I didn’t get what they were actually trying to say!
At this stage, there is nothing to suggest the message was something malicious and appears it may have just been an error.
Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that Twitter is working on many new features to make things easier and simpler for their users. A few weeks back, Twitter announced through a series of tweets that users will soon be able to toggle between a timeline that shows them the latest tweets in chronological order. Recently, we came to know that Twitter has released the latest update for their iOS Users. Twitter For iOS Latest Update packs a number of new features.

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