Nadia Hussain: The stylish diva who has got it all, charm, beauty, intelligence, fame

One of the most talented and presently the most popular Pakistani model, Nadia Hussain is all about excellence and style. She has gathered lot of eyes in very short span of time. Nadia Hussain is truly a wonder woman and is known for many of her skills. She is a dentist, a famed model, actress, host, outstanding designer and successfully runs an aesthetic clinic, Radiance. Her recent venture is the launch of her own beauty salon, Nadia Hussain Salon & Clinic.

Nadia Hussain is truly an inspiration for Pakistani women as she has successfully broke the stereotyped image of women

Nadia Hussain was born on 11th January 1979 in Karachi. She did her early schooling from Beacon-house School System and later got a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery from Fatima Jinnah Dental College and is a practicing dentist. She is married to an investment banker and stockbroker Atif Khan and has three beautiful kids.

Nadia Hussain has done numerous fashion and modeling shoots and also has been part of number of television shows and commercials. This multi-dimensional woman is not camera shy, in her own words:

As a kid I did crystal toothpaste ad and a video shoot for my khala. Thus I had always been in touch with media so I didn’t face any problem on that front

Nadia Hussain is truly an inspiration for Pakistani women as she has successfully broke the stereotyped image of women. She is successfully managing her career along with her family life which speaks much about her focus on her career and her care and attention towards her family.

Smartphones surely bridging the gap, now with smartphones it’s very easy to take pics and upload stuff about upcoming shoots, campaigns, TV dramas etc. and keep your fans hooked 

In a short and candid interview with Phone World team, Nadia Hussain shared her love for technology and her future aspirations and prospects regarding the fashion industry. Here is what she said:

Q: How do you perceive fashion?

Fashion is surely a part of everyone’s lifestyle… It is up to the people themselves how they interpret fashion and change it according to their own comfort, but certainly, everyone LOVES FASHION.

Q: What is the public’s biggest misconception about female models?

People think that all models are loose character and easy to flirt with. This is very saddening and sometime really infuriating.

Q: You are a model, fashion designer, an actress and dentist by profession so which field do you think is more challenging and itself entertaining for you?

All the different fields of my profession are exciting and challenging, I really cannot compare which one is more than the other. I love trying out new things.

Q: so if you are offered good movie would you prefer to join Pakistani or Bollywood film industry?

With the Pakistani movie scene advancing so much, I’d surely only want to do a Pakistani film now.

Q: How do you see yourself progress in this field?

I have plenty of goal for this field, especially for my acting career. I would like to see myself doing much bigger and better plays on TV & maybe someday soon a film!!

Q: How does it feel to represent Pakistan abroad as you appeared on my international platforms?

It’s always great to go abroad and give a different image of Pakistanis as compared to what the world always sees. I often come across people who never believe I’m from Pakistan.

Q: You have hosted, acted and modeled in videos; why such diversification?

Diversity is the spice of life!!! And I love challenges.

Q: Are you addicted to social networking sites? Or you use them casually?

I use them quite casually actually.

Q: When did you get your first mobile, which one was it?

My first handset was a Nokia. I don’t remember model number but I got it when I was around 21-22.

Q: Which mobile are you currently using and why?

I’ve been using an iPhone for past 5 years now, because it’s super convenient. FaceTime is a must with family abroad which is only possible with apple devices.

Q: What is your favorite mobile app?

I guess it’s any of the social networking apps or a game like candy crush.

Q: Which gadget do you wish you could have?

I’m actually very tech-friendly, I pretty much own a lot of gadgets and don’t feel I need anything new for now.

Q: How important is your phone for you? How long do you think you can survive without it?

It’s THEEEE MOST important!!!!! My life is my calendar which I cannot do without!!! And then of course, nowadays, nobody remembers numbers, so it’s imperative to have your CONTACTS at one place. My phone is very important to manage my everyday life.

Q: Do you think it’s a distraction for you or a helpful gadget?

I don’t let it be a distraction, I try to balance the amount of time I spend on the phone and the time I spend with my family. Otherwise I make good use of games.

Q: Smartphones have given a tremendous opportunity to connect with people through social media. What role do you think it is playing in Celebrities’ life in terms of fan following and popularity graph?

Well it’s surely bridging the gap, now with smartphones it’s very easy to take pics and upload stuff about upcoming shoots, campaigns, TV dramas etc. and keep your fans hooked.

Q: What do you think, how smartphones can help a superstar like you to interact with your fans.

It surely does help me through Facebook, Instagram n Twitter… Though with all 3 apps, it becomes a bit painful to upload on all!!!

Q: There are many fake IDs and Pages of celebrities on social media; like Facebook, twitter Instagram. Would you like to share you Official page links so that your fans could interact with you?

I am very active social media user, and I love to interact with my fans through social media. Facebook fan page. : Twitter: NADIAHUSSAIN_NH Instagram: nadiahussain_nh

Q: Being a successful model entrepreneur, actress, fashion designer and also having successful career as dentist, what message would you like to give to the women of   Pakistan?

U can surely achieve anything you want… Just be SMART about it!!!!

Rapid Fire Questions:

  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Favorite food: Any kind is good, I just love to eat
  • Favorite dress: smart casual eg, jeans with a trendy top
  • Favorite Car:  Ferrari
  • Favorite pastime: any kind of sports
  • Favorite political personality: none for now
  • What makes you happy:  My kids
  • What makes you angry:  Falsehood
  • Favorite film star Hero: there are too many
  • Favorite villain: Jack Nicholson
  • Your strength: My patience and endurance
  • Your weakness: Brownies
  • Any regrets: None
  • Worst nightmare: Getting dependent on someone
  • What kind of music do you love to hear: mostly hip-hop

•If you were not in this profession what other profession would you have liked to pursue.

I would surely be a dentist, that’s what I studied for.

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