NADRA to Charge Rs. 10 for Re-Verification of SIMs

NADRA to Charge Rs. 10 for Re-Verification of SIMs

In the recent meeting of all the stake holders of telecom industry, it was agreed that Nadra would charge only Rs 10/- (instead of Rs 23/-) for verification purposes for the period of re-verification.

The subscribers have been divided into two categories and a total of 103 million SIMs would be verified. Mobile Operators and other participants of the meeting presented their proposals seeking concessions in taxes/charges paid to FBR and Nadra on issuance of SIMs as mandatory under the relevant laws. The representatives also put forth proposals regarding the betterment of the telecom industry which included reduction in overall taxes on the industry from 19.5% to 17% in anticipation of reduction in revenue due to blockage of SIMs. They also put forth their views on the time limit for re-verification process.

Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar said that this re-verification process is part of the National Action Plan aimed at eliminating terrorism. He also agreed to waive off sales tax on replacement of SIMs from January 12 to February 28, 2015.


Mobile Users to Pay Rs. 10 for Re-Verification of SIMs

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