NADRA to spend Millions of Dollars to fix iMacs, here’s why

NADRA, Pakistan’s most prestigious regulatory agency will spend millions of dollars on laptops that can barely perform basic tasks.

High-end Apple iMacs with pirated Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems and only a simple web browser are being used by the regulatory authority.

It would be acceptable if NADRA used powerful computers for taxing tasks like video editing, 3D rendering, code compilation, and so on. Also, although any basic Windows PC can run a basic internet browser, it is preferable to use Apple laptops for Apple-exclusive apps for higher-quality work.

In addition, NADRA has offices throughout Pakistan, each with multiple Apple iMacs. The total cost is expected to be in the millions of rupees. This tax money is being squandered on useless high-tech equipment.

Does running Windows slow down Mac?

No, installing Windows on OS X via Bootcamp will not slow it down or introduce viruses, unless you’re installing third-party downloadable software on OS X with the assistance of other third-party applications to launch mti files.

The Apple M1 can run Windows 10 on ARM nearly twice as fast as Microsoft’s own hardware.

What happens if you use pirated windows

Using pirated or cracked software, including Windows 10, is against the law. Because it is practically hard to trace millions of people using pirated software and digital content in different countries, most people use it without fear of being detected.

What risks are involved in using Pirated windows?

Key features and functionality that are available in licenced software may be missing from pirated software. Pirated software is prone to hacking, virus assaults, and IT system failure due to these missing features, which could disrupt business operations and result in financial loss.

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