National Assembly Approves Cyber Crime Bill 2015

The National Assembly Standing Committee on Information and Technology on Thursday passed the Cyber Crime Bill 2015 despite severe protest and opposition.

The Cyber Crime Bill was introduced in the National Assembly to avoid cyber crime in the country as terrorists are using information technology to carry out their activities in the country.

Committee Chairman Capt (r) Safdar  briefed the committee members that more than 205 different people showed disapproval during the making of the bill. He said that the criticisms were taken positively.

“We welcome productive criticism, but it does not mean that we show leniency to help our armed forces fight the war against terror.”

Said Capt Safdar.

National Assembly Approves Cyber Crime Bill 2015

At the start of the meeting, Owais Ahmed Khan Leghari complained that an approved draft of the bill had not been shown to the members. He said that when the bill had been sanctioned by all members there was no need to pass it secretly with new improvements. Safdar said that the amendments suggested in the bill were meant to make it compatible with anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering laws.

Under the new law, two years imprisonment has been suggested for individuals that sell or deal in illegal mobile SIMS. An amendment has been proposed in Section 34 of the bill, recommending severe punishment for those who violate online business agreements. In the bill children below the age of 13 years have been excluded from punishments.

Owais Leghari also said that YouTube issue had become distressing for the the federal government, so the IT Ministry should devise a mechanism to resolve the issue.

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