Map War: Google Maps vs Apple Maps

Map War: Google Maps vs Apple Maps. During the initial boom of Smartphones, one of the basic feature to look after was GPS chips and ability to offer one the go navigation. After we got ability to navigate through our smartphone, people started to look for the best software.


Map War: Google Maps vs Apple Maps

Google Maps is the well-known map App. It used to be pre-installed in first iterations of iPhone until Apple launched its own Apple Maps. Waze became very successful in no time and was launched as an alternative to Google and Apple Maps. It gained a lot of following before it was bought by Google. Let’s take a look over Navigation wars, Google vs Apple Maps.

Google Maps vs Apple Maps:

One might expect Google Maps taking the lead among the three Apps due to its big name and high ranked software company. No Doubt Google has too much amount of money and resources into mapping world. Instead of just simply mapping the streets, the search engine has incorporated fleet of street view cars.

According to the report the street view cars has driven an estimated seven million miles. Google maps are applicable in all countries of the world. And is very famous due to its diversity. Recently Google has invested into complex software that provides detailed 3D imaging in highly populated tourist areas. So now one can zoom outward to see a computer rendered model of the outskirts for information regarding shapes and sizes of building.

Algorithm of Google maps also tells about traffic jams by putting traffic alert. Google keep on rolling out new features to improve its mapping App such as it introduced its offline functionality by letting you download a chunk of the map so you can pull them up without a data connection.

Before the launch of iOS 6, Apple smartphones had Google Maps installed as a default navigation App

Before the launch of iOS 6, Apple smartphones had Google Maps installed as a default navigation App. Later on to beat the competition Apple iPhone launched its own Apple maps.

As a newborn software, Apple Maps were infected with bugs and map inaccuracies. Since than Apple has been making improvements to enhance its experience in mapping world.

When compared to Google Map, Apple Map has pleasing look and exemplary integrations with other iOS Apps. Apple has spent lots of money and time ti improve its mapping features. After Apple has redesigned its Maps last year, it gives a very pleasant and elegant outlook.

Apple Maps has much better integration to other iOS apps as compared to Google Maps. In Apple Maps one finds suggestions for scheduling and upcoming events. Apple Maps integrations extend even outsides the Apple Apps family unlike Google who keep on moving you to google family to find a restaurant or any place. Apple includes things like OpenTable for making restaurant reservations and ride-sharing apps.

Like Google Map, Apple Map has very clean and straight interface.

Apple Maps has introduced “Flyover Mode”, which brings a Google Earth kind of feature into the mix. Like Google Maps, it also creates 3D render of map, that lets you to get overview of places from the top.

The layout of Apple Maps is improving gradually over years. The company has tried to make maps as informative as possible. Apple Maps focuses on providing navigation unlike Google which emphasizes on places.

However it should be mentioned that Apple Maps are not as robust as Google Maps. If you zoom into the same section of a large city on both Google and Apple Maps, Google’s map contains much better and more accurate data, particularly when it comes to the names and locations of businesses. However the add on of Apple Maps is that when you search for the business, Apple Maps gets you there, even if the business isn’t on shown on the map however Google Maps fail to do so.

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