Check out Nayatel Unlimited Internet Bundles For Faisalabad

Nayatel is one of Pakistan’s leading internet service providers. The operator only works in four major cities of Pakistan – Faisalabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. In this article, I will tell you the unlimited Internet Bundles Nayatel offers for its uses in Faisalabad. Nayatel is expanding its network in different regions in Faisalabad as well. Although, there are other packages also based on your need. But here I focus only on the unlimited ones. If you are Nayatel user in Faisalabad, check out the details of the packages here.

Check out Nayatel Unlimited Internet Bundles For Faisalabad

Unlimited 77 Mbpsunlimited1,49930 days
Unlimited 1010 Mbpsunlimited1,79930 days
Unlimited 1212 Mbpsunlimited2,19930 days
Unlimited 1515 Mbpsunlimited2,49930 days

Terms and Conditions:

  • To avail full speed of your package via Wi-Fi, additional access point might be required.
  • For Unlimited Packages, under the Fair Usage Policy (FUP), consumers are granted 1TB data with each package
  • Once the FUP is utilized for unlimited packages, the speed will decrease to 1Mbps till Extra GBs are purchased. ( Extra GB’s can be purchased by logging into the customer portal)
  • There will be no carry forward irrespective of volume usage for Unlimited Packages.
  • Customers will not be able to transfer/receive volume through any means for Unlimited Packages.
  • In case more than 1 connection is required on a single ONT, a special request needs to be put forth via sales
  • Customers having 2 connections on one ONT and availing Unlimited Bundle on one connection will need special approval (via Sales) for Unlimited Bundle on second connection.
  • Limit Lock is not applicable on unlimited packages.
  • In case of any misuse of Nayatel Connection, the company holds right to terminate services without prior notice
  • Government taxes applicable

For More Details Please Visit: Nayatel

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