Need For Speed Most Wanted launches for iOS, Android

Need For Speed Most Wanted launches for iOS, Android

Do you dare to be the Most Wanted?
Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you’re in for the ride of your life. Outrun cops, outsmart rivals – and outdrive your friends – in the most dangerous Need for Speed yet.

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  • Need For Speed Most Wanted is a racing video game and the nineteenth installment in the Need for Speed series. Players can select cars and races based on time limit and destination.
  • So Race, chase and explore your way to become the Most Wanted. This is the game fans have been clamoring for. The feel of the cars, the physics and the eclectic mix of multiplayer modes are amazing.

  • In this version players now get to drive, chase and personalize over 35 of some of the world’s most unique and stunning cars like the Porsche 911, Carrera S, SRT Viper GTS and the Hummer H1 Alpha. Cars can also be modified to customize the driving style of the racer.
  • Similar to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 effort, Most Wanted for smartphones and tablets takes place in the fictional city of Fairhaven, home to illegal and thrilling street races heavily monitored by the local police.
  • The game features the same annoying, kill-crazy cops from the console version. These cops don’t have anything to live for: no wives/husbands, no dog, no prospects, and they’ve hit rock bottom. They’ll kill you on sight or die trying.
[/list] It is a universal iOS app, designed for both iPhone and iPad but it is also optimized for the Android.

[notice]Gameplay[/notice] [list style=”list11″ color=”yellow”]
  • The game play of Most Wanted involves competing against expert drivers from a blacklist and racing to the top to get your car back. The player has to win more races to unlock more events. After a handful of regular events, Player will get to race against one of the blacklist members. Players can beat the game by defeating all 10 racers on the list.

  • In every level there are cops and the other drivers to make game tougher. These are some of the most ruthless opponents that one can find in any game. The police opposition gets tougher with every level. They bring out faster cars to take you down and you will have multiple cars on your tail at times.
  • One of Most Wanted’s most impressive features is basic vehicular damage for the cars. The cars you drive have a health bar so you see how much more damage you can take.
  • There is plenty of variety in the game in terms of vehicle options and should please most people. Cars get unlocked as you win races but you will have to buy them using the money you earn from the races.

  • There is also a list of customizations that a player can do with car, including stronger body to withstand damage, better tires, faster engines, better or longer nitro boost, etc.
[/list] [notice]Graphics and Sound[/notice] [list style=”list11″ color=”yellow”]
  • When we talk about audio of the game, Most Wanted sounds great. It has a decent collection of licensed tracks, which makes it feel that much closer to the console gaming feel.
  • In terms of sound effects in game, all vehicles sound loud and powerful, especially the brushing of the power cars with their big engines.

Need for Speed Most Wanted is one of the finest racing games right now on the mobile platform. The races are fun, the graphics look great, and there is a large variety of cars and a ton of replay value.

To download Need For Speed: Most Wanted (iOS, Free) Visit Apple Store
To download Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Android, Free) Visit Google Play

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