Netflix aims to give studio like sound-quality to its users

Audio and video formats are supported by Netflix, be it HDR and Dolby Digital for the best experience or Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround sound for the audio. Netflix is now looking like to improve  the audio quality on Android phones. Netflix also streams on Android devices using xHE-AAC.

If you often find yourself netflixing on your mobile, the next time you launch the company’s Android app, you can notice shows and movies sound better. The most noteworthy thing is that, due to a technology built into the codec called dynamic range control, you can end up changing the volume between shows and individual scenes much less often.

With its ability to enhance intelligibility, adapt to variable cellular connectivity and scale to studio-quality in noisy environments, xHE-AAC will be a sonic delight for members streaming on these devices.

If you have a home theater system, then the full range of sound will be provided to you. But if you have a cheap pair of headphones, or are listening through the speaker of your phone, then the range is shortened to make it through the most important audio bits.

Nayab Khan

Nayab Khan is a freelance tech-writer whose specialty is absorbing the key data and articulating the most important points. She helps IT based organizations communicate their message clearly across multiple channels.
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