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Netflix Wont Be Compatible To Some Samsung Smart TVs

Netflix subscribers will not be able to watch their favorite binge-worthy shows on the streaming service ‘Netflix’ starting December 1. 

Samsung related “technical limitations” to the exclusion of Netflix from specific devices. Older Samsung smart TVs will no longer be able to connect to the latest updates or enhancements from Netflix. “Netflix can be accessed from many other phones that can connect to your TV in the future,” Samsung said in her announcement. 

We reached out to Samsung for further comment, as well as specify exactly which Samsung TV models will be affected by the change, but we haven’t heard of it yet. But even if you have one of the Samsung smart TVs that can not stream Netflix, you can still watch the streaming service through game consoles, media players, or streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV and other streaming Apps. 

Those with the affected Samsung TVs will receive a message notifying them of the switch before December 1st. You can also test if your computer is compatible via the supported device list. 

With the streaming service market becoming more competitive than ever before, upcoming additions such as Apple TV+ and Disney+ could have the same impact on more smart TV phones. The strengths of streaming services have always been the freedom to access them whenever, wherever and with everything — unlike DVD or Blu-ray players— but the cases of Roku and Samsung indicate a change in versatility 


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