New Audio “Budz” are about to Launch by OnePlus in October

On Wednesday 14 October a day after the iPhone 12 event, OnePlus is scheduled to launch the OnePlus 8T. But it looks as though the new smartphone will not be the only new OnePlus gadget with the company teasing a brand new pair of earbuds to sit alongside the OnePlus Budz.

Twitter leaker Max J. was initially revealed. Now, in just one word a few weeks ago “BudzOnePlus made it more clear, tweeted, and announced the earbuds’ arrival. There’s not much to be seen in the image, but a major difference is instantly visible compared with the current Oneplus Buds and that’s the silicon tip.

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The OnePlus Budz, introduced earlier this year for $79/$79, have a design close to Apple’s AirPods and are made from plastic entirely. With its soft silicone tips, the latest OnePlus Buds Z may imitate the Apple AirPods Pro and have more quality characteristics such as the active sound cancellation that is not present on the OnePlus Buds.

Giving it a feeling to see a follow-Up Pair introduced at an event for a higher tier phone since the OnePlus Buds were launched alongside the OnePlus Nord an affordable mid-range smartphone. Of course, OnePlus could go for a much less inexpensive pair of audible earbuds, but it’s not going to be able to claim that it’s impossible to achieve a quality level of sound.

You can do this in OnePlus World, where fans play games and hang out with friends, as well as set up a private watch party for watching the event, anytime you choose to watch OnePlus 8T.

OnePlus planned to launch the latest OnePlus 8T smartphone on 14 October. A number of specific features will also be revealed alongside the phone. Although we firmly believe that OnePlus Buds Z will be unveiled that day, a power bank is also expected to be revealed.

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