New Family Safety App to Receive Two New Features

Today, we reported you in our post that Microsoft has now introduced a new Family Safety app that allows families to manage screentime and app usage. The app is functional on both iOS and Android. The app allows parents to use the Family Safety app in order to receive reports on app usage and overall screentime. Parents can even set app time limits with the ability for children to request extensions. With the help of the app, users can configure boundaries around web access, and track family members’ locations, among other things.

A recent update says the company has also confirmed now that soon the app will recieve two new features that include location alerts and drive safety (e.g. aimed teen drivers) which will be a part of a paid Microsoft 365 Family Subscription.

New Family Safety App to Receive Two New Features


Microsoft Family Safety is working best for those who have already bought into the company’s own ecosystem of products and services. Microsoft Family Safety app displays an activity log of how screen time is being used by children. The app enables you to track the hours spent on devices by your kids, including Windows computers, phones, and Xbox, as well as across websites and apps. It also makes visible the terms kids are searching online. Parents can also control online purchases made by kids.

The new Family Safety app is now available for iOS and Android. Users can download it without spending a penny. You may not be able to see the app immediately due to its phased rollout but it will hit your devices sometime this week.

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