New Feature of Google Assistant will Supports Shortcut and Voice Commands

Google is introducing some exciting features for its Google Assistant on Thursday. The company’s virtual assistant service is not launching a new feature that is deeper into third-party applications on Android devices. New Feature of Google Assistant will Support Shortcuts and Voice Commands.

The new feature allows users to search and open applications and complete critical tasks that include starting a run, posting on social media, or playing music.

Moreover, Android users will use voice commands within a few famous applications not developed by Google.

On all Assistant-enabled Android smartphones, the new feature of Google Assistant is already available, and it works with over 30 top applications on Google Play. More app support is coming soon.

According to the report, the current list of applications includes Dunkin, Citi, PayPal, Wayfair, Nike Run Club, Postmates, Spotify, Etsy, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Best buy, Twitch, Google Maps, YouTube, Discord, MyFitnessPal, Grub hub, Mint, Yahoo, Uber, Wish and Nike Adapt.

New Feature of Google Assistant will Support Shortcuts and Voice Commands

For example, if a person is looking for something specific in the application, he can use a voice command saying, “Hey Google, open Rihanna on Instagram.” This new feature allows users to order food, pay bills, hail a ride, and many other things, all with just voice command.

As support for deeper integration, Google Assistant is also obtaining support for shortcuts with third-party applications. For instance, if you want to say,”Hey Google order remove of shoes with Nike Adapt, you can easily create a shortcut of your command and just say ‘Hey Google, remove them’.”

Moreover, Google announced to a post saying, “Starting today, you can use the GET_THING intent to search within apps and the OPEN_APP_FEATURE intent to open specific pages in apps,”

Google said, “Developers will have the tools to implement one of the built-in intents or a custom intent; you can get started today by declaring support for one or more of these common intents in your Actions.xml file. You can create a vertical-specific built-in intent (BII) to let the Google Assistant handle the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for even deeper integration. There are now over 60 intents across ten verticals, including “new categories like Social, Games, Travel & Local, Shopping, Productivity, and Communications.”

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