New Features of Google Messages will Blow Your Mind

These days, the Google messages app is rolling out new features for its users to make the overall experience better. The company has launched five new features. Now to make the whole process of sending and receiving quick, Google messages have got a new feature that will help users to reply within seconds when they receive a chat message, video, or photo.

Upon pressing the message for long, a box of animated love, laughter, surprise, sadness, anger, and dislike emoji will appear. The reactions are available on handsets that have chat features enabled. It is one of the cutest features available for the Google Messages app.

These are the New Features of Google Messages

If users have smart reply enables on their devices, they will be able to send animated stickers instead of writing something to express their thoughts. The stickers will appear while you will be texting, so you can choose the perfect one that expresses your feelings in the best way. Currently, these suggested stickers are available in English only.

Another feature lets your personalize conversation by including a photo that you saved for some occasion. Google messages app has a media editor; all you need to do is to simply take a photo and type text or use brushes to beautify it. After completion, you can share it with your friends and family.

Typing a message is a heck of tasks these days. So Google messages has solved this issue. Now by holding down the microphone button in the compose bar, you can record and send video messages to your loved ones. The best way to convey your message is through your own voice as it quickly delivers your message and at the same time, make your conversation more worthy.  Clicking the video call button at the top right of the app will activate Google Duo and allow you to see the person you are chatting with. Isn’t it amazing? You need to have this app installed to enjoy amazing features out there.

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