New Link Stickers to Replace Swipe up Gesture on Instagram

A couple of months ago, the popular social media platform Instagram announced that it would be replacing the “swipe up” gesture for opening links with an all-new sticker format. The update is now finalized, and Instagram is rolling out the new link stickers for all the users. During the test of the new link stickers feature, Instagram limited its availability to users who have at least 10,000 followers or have a verified account.

New Link Stickers to Replace Swipe up Gesture on Instagram

However, according to a credible source, the new Instagram link stickers are now available for all users regardless of the number of followers or verification status. This is a laudable update, as the previous swipe-up feature was also limited to some accounts that had more than 10000 followers.

According to Instagram,

Link stickers are beneficial for anyone from businesses linking out to their products to activists linking out to external resources. But Instagram concedes that anyone can benefit from link sharing to engage with their followers. It also says that accounts repeatedly sharing misinformation or hate speech will lose access.

When the company first disclosed the link stickers feature, it said that they would only be launched for stories posts and had no intentions to bring them to the main Instagram feed or other components of the app.

Conclusively, the link stickers feature has now completely replaced “swipe up,” which let Insta users link external webpages from their Stories previously. Now the new link stickers are now more widely available than swipe-up feature ever was.

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