New Pixel Updates Will Allow Users to Take Underwater Photos & More

The tech giant Google lately announced the latest updates for its flagship smartphone, Google Pixel. These updates will be launched soon. They will allow users to carry out underwater photography, smart compose for text messages, and more sharable recording. Furthermore, a wide range of new wallpapers will also be rendered for cultural events throughout the year.

New Pixel Updates Will Allow Users to Take Underwater Photos & More

Pixel’s updates now enable users to take photos underwater. This has been accomplished by employing Kraken Sports’ Universal Smart Phone Housing to save the phone from water. This is very useful for divers who intend to take high-end photos of underwater life by utilizing the Pixel’s Night Sight, Portrait Mode, Motion Photos, and respective video features.

The recordings feature has been further improved as well. Now, it allows voice-to-text conversion and shares with other devices much more easily. Moreover, it includes the ability to share links of your audio recordings from the Pixel’s recorder app with other smartphone users.

Google has even improved the smart features of the Google Pixel as one of the new features called ‘Smart Compose’ help in replying to text messages much quicker. This has been done through different predictions the Pixel makes in line with the user’s typing style. Though this feature has been available on Gmail for quite a while, it certainly is a time saver for Pixel users.
The company is also working on empowering ‘Digital Wellbeing’ as it issues additional updates for the Pixel’s clock application which enables users to build a healthier sleep routine.

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