New Privacy label rolls out on the App store

Now you can see how iOS can use your data..

Apple is keeping its pledge to make iOS app data collection more clear with the launch of innovative privacy label on the App Store.

The company first revealed its plan to give these so-called label privacy details in June during WWDC, and last month, Apple confirmed that developers would have to provide these details by 8 December or face losing the right to upgrade their software. Today, after the deadline, Apple is formally releasing a feature for all owners of iOS devices running the new update of iOS 14.

This new privacy tag feature was first announced by Apple in September, when the latest version of the iOS smartphone operating system was announced.

In a blog post about iOS 14 launch, Apple posted that App Store’s product pages will display developer’s inner privacy habits, presented in a plain, easy-to-read format.

These privacy labels will highlight the information provided by the developers as they submit their apps for approval for their apps to appear on the virtual shelves of the App Store.

In the future, developers will be able to build and upgrade labels on the developer platform where there is a form with all the details they can fill in, that will then be shown on the App Store.

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