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It would be extremely unfair to deny the fact that huge pool of exceptional talent exists in the area of mobile application development in Pakistan at present. Pakistani app developers have creating unique apps that have received huge number downloads from all over the world. Many youngsters nowadays are having craze for transforming their imaginative ideas into mobile technology solutions. Moreover, many individuals are fond of creating different sorts of games for children and teenagers. Till now app developers have specifically focused on developing apps on android and iOS platform. Apart from that, some have also made apps on Windows Phone since its existence. But its very unfortunate that the talent of our country is not authorized to upload a paid app on Google or Apple store and sadly this matter has not been addressed at government level till now.

On 23rd April Pakistan finally launched the long awaited 3G and 4G technology in Pakistan. Since this whole process started the concerned individuals and moreover the general public had been imagining the countless benefits the technology brought with itself. The top most benefit that many individuals discussed on various forums was this that through 3G, our rural class (where 50-70% of our population resides) is going to benefit by availing fast speed internet and various other online resources. Hence, now our developers need to utilize their talent to develop that kind of stuff through which our rural class could benefit to a greater extent.

A major obstacle that exist in the way of rural class in getting benefited from the online resources is the unavailability of local content. Since English would be understood by very less educated individuals in the rural areas. So, the first challenge for mobile app developers is to develop some interesting stuff in our own language Urdu. For that it would be important to understand the requirements of the people of rural areas that what kind of resources they basically want to be available online so in accordance with that the related stuff should be developed.

Many individuals of rural areas find it quiet difficult to send their children to cities for the purpose of acquiring good quality education. So in such case mobile app developers should develop different educational apps through which the children of rural areas may enhance their learning by sitting at homes.

Moreover, many individuals belonging to rural areas are  unable to access different sorts of medical facilities. So, our developers need to develop various sorts of health apps through which the rural class will be able to get medically treated  without spending any extra effort, time and money on visiting a doctor. Some apps of that kind should also be created through which people will be able to access various online health resources.

Many farmers in villages always find it necessary to get some assistance related to agriculture and farming. So, in order to fulfill their requirement,  such stuff should also be created through which the farmers are able to access online helping material related to agriculture.

The interest of women of rural areas should also not be ignored in this regard. They should also be allowed to access different online resources to get assistance related to their kitchen work and other household. Moreover, they would also require to get access to health resources for the well being of their children so such area should also be seriously addressed.

Apart from fulfilling the basic requirements of rural class, as mentioned previously the mobile app developers also need to understand the basic requirements of the people that what they basically desire or in what way they want to utilize mobile technology for a better life. And then in accordance with the requirements the different apps should be made.

Lastly, it is extremely important that the fruits of 3G/4G technology are also made available in the villages. Apart from mobile developers, efforts should also be made government levels and if PASHA, Google Corporation etc. also take some initiative like that so it would be much appreciable.

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