New Samsung Galaxy Buds Live price and release date

New Galaxy Note 10 phone owners and Note 10 Plus will notice that Samsung has left out the 3.5 mm headphone jack that previous versions had. No USB-C headphone adapter is available, so Notice 10 owners will need to go down the wireless route if they want headphones.Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are the next true wireless headphones for the company, building on the Galaxy Buds Plus amazing hit while delivering an entirely creative design.

Photos of a bean-shaped pair of Samsung earbuds leaked online back in March and the package is the Galaxy Buds X or Galaxy Buds Live, as both names are listed in a Samsung trademark.

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The beans are designed for providing a fitness guide according to the Buds registration definition. While many of the best sweat-resistant wireless earbuds make excellent workout accessories, only PowerBeats Pro and some Jabra products are truly fitness-first. 

A pair of exercise-oriented Galaxy Buds could please Samsung mobile users or the Galaxy Watch Active 2 wearers who have been looking for a pair of sporty headphones that perfectly fit with their other everyday devices. 

Like the Galaxy Buds Plus, Apple and Google could cost the Galaxy Buds X or Galaxy Buds Live around $150 and undercut the price of competing wireless headphones. 

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