New System Introduced to Check Authenticity of Driving License Holders

The Driving License Branch in Karachi and a private telecom company have introduced a system which can decide whether driving licenses’ are genuine or fake within seconds. Traffic police will now be able to determine within 30 seconds whether if a driver’s licence is fake or genuine.

New System Introduced to Check Authenticity of Driving License Holders

“Traffic policemen in Karachi will be issued a special SIM and given a four digit number on which they can SMS the driving license number. They will receive a response if the license is fake or real within 30 seconds.”

Said DIG Driving Licence Branch Aftab Pathan.

Driving licences can be acquired by applying to any traffic police office or licensing authority. Any individual of the minimum age of 18 can apply for a driving licence. The applicant must show their National Identity Card and proof of residence of the area in which a candidate is applying.

First it would take up to 25-30 days to verify about the authenticity of the driving license. But now the process will take no time as the driving license data has been computerized from 1992. The system for issuing a new licence has also been changed.

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