New Update Brings New Feature to Google Messages App

In order to find certain messages faster, Google has introduced an update for the Google Messages app. The new update brings a new feature that keeps SMS messages into one of five different categories: personal, transactions, OTP (one-time passwords), offers, and more. So, it seems that now users can find specific messages quicker than ever, thanks to categories that sort messages into specific channels.

Users will be able to enable or disable the feature through the use of a toggle switch found in the Google Messages app settings.

New Update Brings New Feature to Google Messages App

In the updated Google Messages app, there are different categories just below the app’s search bar on the top part of the UI. In case, you don’t like the category that a certain message has been assigned to, you will have the opportunity to change it and even share the message with Google in order to improve its categorization. This will allow similar messages to get categorized correctly in the future.

Some users have reported that the feature is now available for SMS messages. In the below images, you can see that the bar is now displayed above the message list which shows the various categories available.


A series of images posted to Twitter of the categories have shared this information with the users. The screenshots suggest that Google is working to make the search experience better with messages sorted based on content.

A few days ago, a report says that an upcoming version of Messages may add support for automatically deleting one-time passwords after 24 hours. We hope that this new addition will come alongside message categorization.

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